Why should you buy your flowers locally? Sure, strolling through the grocery store and seeing a dozen roses for $10 is definitely nice on the wallet but did you know that about 80% of flowers are imported into America? A delicate flower is cut, packaged in a box (without water most of the time), shipped across the world, held at customs for inspection and then shipped again somewhere in the United States. Due to the stress of travel and lack of water, vase life dramatically drops and flowers aren’t in their pristine condition anymore.

The obvious reason to buy flowers locally is they just last longer because they have not had the stress of transport. I cut my flowers specifically for your order which means their vase life will be dramatically longer then those flown in from another country. Finding a local flower farmer can open you up to a world of flowers not found in your local store. Things like Dahlias, Zinnias and cosmos just don’t ship well. Sourcing them locally will bring you superior quality for both your enjoyment and event needs.

The flowers I grow are done using organic practices. I care about what I put in my soil and harsh chemicals is not something I want infused into my beautiful flowers or soil.

When you buy flowers locally you are supporting a small business and the US economy. It gives back to your community and continues to allow that business to thrive.

Local flowers often times smell better! Imported flowers are bred specifically for long periods of travel and long stems. This means that over time imported flowers have been bred to have little to no smell at all. One of my favorite things to do is stick my nose in a bouquet of roses and smell their fragrance. You can’t do that with grocery store roses.

With all that said, I am thankful for our relationship with other countries and the flowers they grow . There are some gorgeous flowers that we simply cannot grow here. Here in Tennessee, we grow our flowers with a lot of love and care making sure you have the best possible flowers for you.

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- Kara, Blooming Joy Flower Company